The Bimasena Team from the Engineering Technology UKM Division (DRB) won the Fastest Category in the 2018 XIV Indonesia Bridge Competition, Makassar (November 29 – December 2018). In this competition the Bimasena Team consisted of Ermalia Nur Hidayah (2015), Iwan (2015) and Lilin Eria Armi (2017) from the Department of Civil Engineering and Planning Education.

The Indonesian Bridge Competition is divided into several categories, namely pedestrian arc bridges, rolled bridges, and steel bridges. From UNY passed in the Pedestrian Bow Bridge category. There were 8 universities that passed to the final stage, namely: UNY, ITS, UB, PNJ, UNM, UMM, Polines, and ITB. The competition system requires participants to build a half through arch bridge type bridge for pedestrians with a span of 132 m which is modeled from rattan with a scale of 1:100.

The series of events for the XIV Indonesia Bridge Competition began with registration on November 29 2018. Because the box containing mock-ups and K3 equipment could not fit in the trunk, it had to be sent using cargo. The presentation was successfully carried out after the opening ceremony at the UNHAS Sports Hall on November 30 2018.

In assembling the model bridge on December 1 2018, the UNY Bimasena team won the fastest assembly in the competition. The Bimasena team would like to thank all those who have helped, including all the supervisors who helped both materially and non-materially, as well as the entire technical team from the Rancang Bangun Division who participated in the preparation for the 2018 KJI. Hope for next year, the committee more detailed and does not lead to multiple interpretations in making competition technical guidelines, and more open in the scoring system so that no party feels disadvantaged or cheated.