National Seminar of the Civil Explosion #8

This annual activity is a series of events from Civil Explosion # 8 held by the Civil Engineering and Planning Student Association, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. On this occasion, the Student Association organized a National Seminar with the theme "Development of Sustainable Construction Policy in the Digital Era in Indonesia".

Different from previous years, the currunt condition of the Covid-19 pandmic shift the run of this year's National Seminar in online model on October 24, 2020 from 09.00 am  to 01.00 pm through the ZOOM Meeting platform and  Youtube Streaming .

The first remarks were delivered by the Head of the National Seminar Committee, Muhammad Riki Wibowo and Hamid Imam Shalihin as the Head of the Student Association. It was followed by the Deputy Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs,  Drs. Darmono., M.T as the representive of the Dean to officially open the Seminar.

The 2020 National Seminar was attended by five hundred participants from various elements, such as students, lecturers, practitioners, and researchers. The main speakers of this event was Ir. Fery Safaria, M.Sc., MBA, the General Manager for Infrastructure Investment at PT. WIJAYA KARYA. On this occasion that present "Digitalization of the Construction Industry as a Consequence of the Industrial Revolution 4.0". The second speaker was Cakra Nagara, S.T., M.T., M.E, the Head of the Central Java Regional Settlement Infrastructure Center with the topic of "Policies in Digital Sustainable Construction in Indonesia". The last speaker was Dr. Ir. Slamet Widodo, S.T., M.T. the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering and Planning entitling  "The Concept of Sustainable Construction Planning".