Academic Collaboration with Beihang University

Department of Civil Engineering and Planning Education developes an academic collaboration program with Beihang University, China. This activity is held from March to November 2020. This activity is to increase academic development and improve the quality of education. Various activities that have been carried out include guest lecturers, visiting professors, visiting researchers, joint research and publications.

The initial stage of the activity isa guest lecturer by inviting Omer, a Turkish national researcher from Beihang University. The theme is related to design and analysis using the Finite Element Method (FEM). 

"The event is very interesting, the field of knowledge presented is relatively new to us. This activity develops our learning motivation”, said one of the students

Furthermore, the visiting professor and visiting researcher program are an inseparable series. This program is originally to be implemented offline by inviting a Professor in the Field of Structure from Beihang University. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of both programs was postponed and used virtual procedure

Meanwhile in the visiting professor and visiting researcher program, the material discussed is related to energy methods including work and energy, Internal strain-energy stored, Principle of real work and real energy, Principle of Virtual Work using Virtual forces, Principle of Virtual Work,  virtual work for beam, trusses, Extremum, Potential Energy and Castigliano's Theorem for Beams & Frames as well as its implementation in the field of structure using computer-assisted program applications.

"The visiting professor and visiting researcher program will continue to be developed in the future, this is important to provide valuable academic experience for the students" added Slamet Widodo as the Head of the Department.

The final stage of the activity is joint research and publication that discusses the theme of semi precast model technology. Beihang University represented by Prof. Zhengguo GAO plays a role in the analysis of numerical models using FEM. Meanwhile, the laboratory physical test is fully carried out in the Material and Structure laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering and Planning Education, Yogyakarta State University.

 The output of this activity is an Implementation Arrangement (IA), MoU, and MoA between the Department and Beihang University.  Prof. Zhengguo GAO also provides opportunities for students to continue their study at Beihang University through a summer course scheme and further studies for S2 to S3 levels.